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Policy Papers & Briefs
October 2002

It is important for land managers and technical assistance specialists to be able to assess the health of rangelands in order to know where to focus management efforts. The complexity of ecological processes, and the inherent expense of directly measuring site integrity, suggests a need for an evaluation process that focuses instead on biological and physical attributes.

Reports & Research
September 2002

Paper written in response to 5 questions asked by the Forum organisers. Under what circumstances can land tenure reform contribute to rural poverty reduction and sustainable natural resources management? How can land tenure reform be carried out in a manner that is pro-poor? What types of actions should donors support in order to promote pro-poor land tenure reform?

Journal Articles & Books
September 2002

Se estudió el efecto del pastoreo y de su exclusión por 10 años sobre la composición y diversidad florística y sobre la diversidad estructural de pastizales naturales de montaña, en las Sierras de Córdoba (2.200 m de altitud), Argentina. Consideramos diversidad estructural a la complejidad en la disposición de la biomasa en el espacio horizontal y vertical.

Journal Articles & Books
July 2002

The Kenya Land Alliance (KLA) is a focal point for information sharing and networking among those pressing for land reform in Kenya. It was formed in 1999 by members of civil society to propose reforms both to the Commission on the Review of Land Laws, appointed by the President, and the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission, appointed by Parliament.

Conference Papers & Reports
June 2002
Syrian Arab Republic
Western Asia

The world is witnessing a period in its history when the increasing socio-political upheavals are taking the lives of thousands, and destroying the natural wealth of our planet. Poverty and food insecurity are two key forces driving this destruction.

Journal Articles & Books
June 2002

Se estudió el efecto del pastoreo sobre el banco de semillas y la vegetación establecida en pastizales naturales de montaña, en Pampa de Achala, Córdoba, Argentina. Se analizó el banco de semillas germinable a dos profundidades (0-5 y 5-10 cm), en cinco réplicas de sitios pastoreados a carga moderada-intensa y otros cinco de sitios excluidos al pastoreo por 10 años.

February 2002

This Act is enacted for the purposes of regulating expropriation of land, ensuring reasonable land use, safeguarding private properties and promoting public interest.