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March 2012

Women are a powerful force for
sustainable economic growth. A growing body of microeconomic
empirical evidence and emerging macroeconomic analysis shows
that gender inequality limits economic growth in developing
economies. Research also shows that considerable potential

March 2012

In May 2008, the commission on growth
and development (the growth commission) issued its report
entitled 'the growth report'. In it the commission
attempted to distill what had been learned in the past two
decades, from experience and academic and policy research,

March 2012

Executive Directors continued to play an
important role as the World Bank faced many challenges in a
global post crisis economy. The Board considered a number of
key documents in preparation for the committee on
development effectiveness meetings. These included the World

March 2012

The World Bank's Communication for
Governance and Accountability Program (CommGAP) has spent
several years exploring the linkages between the media and
governance reform. The first stage of this process produced
public sentinel: news media and governance reform, an edited

March 2012

Theft of public assets from developing
countries is an immense problem with a staggering
development impact. These thefts diverts valuable public
resources from addressing the abject poverty and fragile
infrastructure often present in such countries. Although the

March 2012

This overview summarizes the key
findings of the eight chapters and one policy note. It is
organized as follows. The first section provides a
background of Guangdong, while the second describes the
current situation of inequality in the province. Next is a

India - Mumbai Urban Transport Project : Guidance Note on Urban Resettlement cover image
Manuals & Guidelines
March 2012

The purpose of this guidance note is to
bridge precisely identify how to implement World Bank
resettlement policies in the context of infrastructure
projects affecting South Asian largest cities, with a focus
on the impacts on poor areas and slums. The guidance note is

Reports & Research
Policy Papers & Briefs
February 2012

An appropriate rural investment climate (RIC) is essential for rural businesses to be successful and generate employment and income in their communities. Improving the investment climate could facilitate income-generation activities in both farm and nonfarm sectors, thus reducing rural poverty.

Reports & Research
February 2012
Papua New Guinea
Solomon Islands

This report is based on research carried out in five Asia Pacific countries – China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. This document should serve as an instrument to help in Transparency International’s constructive but critical dialogue needed to fight corruption and build integrity in the forestry sector.

Journal Articles & Books
December 2011

Meningkatnya laju deforestasi secara signifikan selama kurun waktu 1970-an sampai tahun 2000-an berdampak pada semakin tingginya desakan terhadap penegakan hukum kejahatan kehutanan yang lebih efektif dan komprehensif. Umumnya penanganan tindak pidana di bidang kehutanan hanya diproses berdasarkan ketentuan dalam Undang-Undang Kehutanan.