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April 2020

Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) is an important grain legume for food and cash of the smallholder farmers worldwide. However, the total potential benefits to be derived from the common bean as a source of food and income, its complementarities with non-legume food crops, and significance to the environment are underexploited.

Policy Papers & Briefs
December 2019
Sub-Saharan Africa

Government intervention and local level coordination of large-scale investment decisions are important components required for positive impacts on food security, nutrition and livelihoods of host communities.

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December 2019

This document prepared by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) identifies strategic opportunities with the goal of contributing to the transformation of rural Lesotho towards a more resilient and economically productive environment that allows its population to sustain their livelihoods and overcome poverty and malnutrition. It sets out to identify initiatives which can co

July 2019

Land registration and titling in Africa are often advocated as a pro-poor legal empowerment strategy. Advocates have put forth different visions of the substantive goals this is to achieve. Some see registration and titling as a way to protect smallholdersrights of access to land. Others frame land registration as part of community-protection or ethno-justice agendas.

Peer-reviewed publication
June 2019
Southern Asia

Smallholder farmers in the mid-hills of Nepal are facing an acute labor shortage due to out-migration which, in general, has affected the capacity to achieve timely crop establishment, harvest, and inter-cultural operations.

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May 2019
Northern Africa

Tunisia, like many other countries, suffers from land degradation. Conservation agriculture is among the proper solutions to overcome this issue. The objective of our investigation is to determine the factors that influence the adoption of CA in Siliana, one of Tunisia’s most affected regions by erosion.

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December 2018

Land use decision making is influenced by various factors including tenure security, natural disasters and farm characteristics. Smallholder farmers operate under different land tenure systems, which influences their crop combinations.