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Human Impact and Land Degradation in Mongolia
Peer-reviewed publication
December 2013

Climate warming and human actions both have negative impacts on the land cover of Mongolia, and are accelerating land degradation. Anthropogenic factors which intensify the land degradation process include mining, road erosion, overgrazing, agriculture soil erosion, and soil pollution, which all have direct impacts on the environment.

Reports & Research
January 2013

The size of the protected area is recognized as one of the key attributes for assessing the effectiveness of investing in protected areas. We evaluate the effectiveness of protected areas by examining economies of scale in size and the average cost of acquiring protected areas depending on the land acquisition contract types and motivations.

Reports & Research
December 2012

This report presents results and conclusions from a Pilot exercise undertaken to assess the experience of
affected country Parties to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) with
reporting on impact indicators under the Convention’s Performance Review and Assessment of the

Journal Articles & Books
June 2012

This paper analyzes the adoption behavior of smallholder farmers using comparable plot-level duration data for Kenya and The Philippines. We find that adoption behavior is strongly linked to the process of land ownership transfer.

Journal Articles & Books
December 2007

The figures of public resources estimated to have been channeled into private pockets are so high one hopes, obviously against hope, that they would turn out to be typographical errors.

Acta Scientiarum
Journal Articles & Books
January 2003
South America

Neste estudo multidisciplinar aproveitou-se os trabalhos de manejo e conservação dos solos e da água em microbacias hidrográ ficas, que foram realizados no estado do Paraná , no ú ltimo quartel do sé culo XX, para avaliar se o preç o da terra é sensí vel à s melhorias ambientais.