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A map is a symbolic depiction emphasizing relationships between elements of some space, such as objects, regions, or themes.

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Peru: SIC Comunidades - a rural cadastre system
Institutional & promotional materials
December 2021
Latin America and the Caribbean
South America

The Global Programme 'Responsible Land Policy' (GPRLP) is part of the Special Initiative 'One World, No Hunger' of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), which aims to reduce extreme poverty and hunger.


Manuals & Guidelines
May 2021
Sub-Saharan Africa
Western Africa

Face aux enjeux liés à la gouvernance foncière, plusieurs initiatives de cartographie participative ont été menées, au Bénin et ailleurs en Afrique. Une initiative de ce type est d’autant plus indispensable au Bénin, sachant que les limites des villages n’ont pas encore de reconnaissance administrative.

Journal Articles & Books
April 2021

How can maps drawn over a century ago still lead to conflict between two countries? The Southeast Asian countries of Thailand and Cambodia are neighbors with a difficult history and a shared border. Their religious similarities have made sacred spaces along the border a divisive issue, with the sacred site of Preah Vihear a central point of controversy.

Peer-reviewed publication
March 2021
Central African Republic
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
United States of America

The purpose of this paper is to propose legal and policy enhancements that may prevent the cancellation of the legal force of zoning due to discord with the Korean Land Use Regulation Map (LURM) and secure legal stability.

Peer-reviewed publication
January 2021
United States of America

Land use and land cover (LULC) change influences many issues such as the climate, ecological environment, and economy. In this study, the LULC transitions in the Yellow River Basin (YRB) were analyzed based on the GlobeLand30 land use data in 2000, 2010, and 2020.

Reports & Research
January 2021

Ce document vise à faciliter la collecte de données comparable entre pays pour le calcul des indicateurs des ODD 1.4.2 et 5.a.1 conformément aux méthodologies approuvées par l’IAEG-SDG. Cette publication donne un aperçu des indicateurs, une discussion sur les différents modules de questionnaire proposés et des conseils détaillés pour chacun.

Peer-reviewed publication
October 2020

Indonesia has the most favorable climates for agriculture because of its location in the tropical climatic zones. The country has several commodities to support economics growth that are driven by key export commodities—e.g., oil palm, rubber, paddy, cacao, and coffee.

Peer-reviewed publication
October 2020
United States of America

Organic matter, an important component of healthy soils, may be used as an indicator in sustainability assessments. Managing soil carbon storage can foster agricultural productivity and environmental quality, reducing the severity and costs of natural phenomena.