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Drylands: tropical and temperate areas with an aridity index (annual rainfall/annual potential evaporation) of less than 0.65

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January 2024

AICCRA project provides pre-season and in-season advisories to farmers in the drylands through the Intelligent Systems Advisory Tool (iSAT). Leveraging historical climate trends and current/future weather conditions, iSAT develops weather advisories delivered via short message service (SMS) directly to farmers' mobile phones.

January 2023

Soil carbon depletion is a major concern for food security in drylands. The objective of this study is to test tillage with residue management under sequential and intercropping systems for carbon sequestration in semi-arid tropical drylands of India.

January 2023

Soil salinization is a significant form of land degradation in agricultural areas. Remote sensing is a better way to assess soil salinity than traditional methods, as it provides non-destructive and repetitive informative assessment for monitoring and mapping soil salinity. Different sensors can identify soil salinity in remote sensing data through direct and indirect indicators.

January 2022

A chapter in Agroecology Transformation for Sustainable Food Systems: Insight on FRANCE-CGIAR Research. This chapter is about greening marginal agrosylvopastoral drylands in the Middle East.