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A parcel (or plot) of land is an area of land with a particular ownership, land use, or other characteristic. A parcel is frequently used as the basis for a cadastre or land registration system.

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Peer-reviewed publication
January 2021
United States of America

Cadastral parcels valuation is a very important aspect when defining the priorities for the selection of newly formed parcels in the reallocation processes. Land reallocation involves a new redistribution of land parcels in the project implementation area.

Reports & Research
July 2020

Land consolidation is a well-proven land management instrument, which has traditionally been used for agricultural development with a main objective of reducing land fragmentation and increasing holding and farm sizes. Some European countries have a land consolidation tradition that goes back a hundred years or more.

September 2019

This research investigates threats to women’s land rights and explores the effectiveness of land certification interventions using evidence from the Land Investment for Transformation (LIFT) program in Ethiopia. The research aims to provide evidence on the extent that LIFT contributed to women’s tenure security.

Peer-reviewed publication
September 2019

Accurate estimations of the extent of agricultural land abandonment (ALA) are critical to the sustainable management of agricultural resources and forestry, the understanding of ALA determinants, and the development of future agricultural policies.

Reports & Research
July 2019

This summary examines the challenges orphan children face in securing their land rights that affects their status during land registration. Particularly;the current practice of LIFTs implementation of procedures for registering deceased landholders parcels and its impact on single orphans.

Aggregated from the Journal of Peasant Studies
May 2019

Contemporary large-scale land transactions (LSLTs), also called land grabs, are historically unprecedented in their scale and pace. They have provoked robust scholarly debates, yet studies of their gender-differentiated impacts remain more rare, particularly when it comes to how changes in control over land and resources affect women's labor, and thereby their livelihoods and well-being.

Journal Articles & Books
December 2018

Land abandonment is widespread in the Mediterranean mountains. The impact of agricultural abandonment results in a shift in ecosystem evolution due to changes in soil erosion, but little is known about long-term soil and water losses.

Peer-reviewed publication
August 2016

Cadastral mapping in Pakistan is often sketched on paper or cloth and generally falls below cartographic standards, lacking details on coordinate systems, datum and directional information of parcel lines. Survey numbers for parcel identification also lack digital interoperability. Parcel measurements and ownership information are manually recorded in multiple separate registers.

Disputes And Issues Relating To Sale And Purchase Of Land In Malaysia
Journal Articles & Books
December 2011

This chapter deals with the sale of land or building or parcel in a sub-divided building or land parcel in Malaysia. Realising that it is quite impossible to give a complete treatment of such sale and purchase transaction in just a few pages of this chapter, it is proposed that the approach taken in this writing will be to introduce such transaction to the general reader and to only elaborate t

Land Administration System In Pakistan – Current Situation And Stakeholders’ Perception
Conference Papers & Reports
April 2010

The current land administration system in Pakistan aims at land revenue assessment and tax collection for the fiscal purposes.