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Western Asia

In order to combat desertification, mitigating collateral impacts and decreasing the concomitant poverty and land degradation, the Government of Jordan, represented by the Ministry of Environment, in collaboration with other governmental and non-governmental institutions, prepared this sectoral document named Aligned National Action Plan (NAP) to Combat Desertification in Jordan 2015-2020, beca

Peer-reviewed publication

Kenya is the most recent African state to acknowledge customary tenure as producing lawful property rights, not merely rights of occupation and use on government or public lands. This paper researches this new legal environment. This promises land security for 6 to 10 million Kenyans, most of who are members of pastoral or other poorer rural communities.

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Negotiations to establish a set of Voluntary Guidelines on the human right to food, held under the auspices of FAO, were successfully completed in autumn 2004, with all 174 FAO member countries signing the final document. However, the negotiations proved to be far from straightforward, as many countries were anxious about the legally binding nature of the Guidelines.

Northern America

This Act provides for prospecting and development of areas that are considered and classified as underdeveloped. The Minister has the power to make agreements with companies or persons providing for the prospecting of underdeveloped areas and for planning and implementing their development.

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The Ethiopian government has committed egregious human rights abuses to make way for agricultural land investments, in direct violation of international law, said the Oakland Institute in a new briefing paper released in New Delhi today.


These Regulations contain rules relative to land surveys in Guam.Every land survey must be conducted by a land surveyor duly registered in accordance with 21 GCA Chapter 60, or by persons exempt from registration as provided in said Title. The Rules concern measurements, markings, preservation of records, survey methods and criteria, relationship between the surveyor and client and mapping.

Reports & Research

La investigación titulada: Unión de hecho y su implicancia en el derecho de propiedad en el distrito judicial de Ucayali-2015 a 2016, abarca un conjunto de múltiples y heterogéneas realidades humanas, cuyo elemento común es el ser convivencias (de tipo sexual) que no son matrimonio. Se caracterizan precisamente por ignorar, postergar o aun rechazar el compromiso conyugal.