Regional Reviews and National Management Reports - Fourth Workshop on the Assessment and Management of Shrimp and Groundfish Fisheries on the Brazil-Guianas Shelf, Cumaná, Venezuela, 2-13 October 2000 | Land Portal

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December 2001
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This document assembles three reviews of the marine shrimp and groundfish fisheries of the Brazil-Guianas shelf (northern Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago and eastern Venezuela) and one on environmental aspects of the area. The resources reviews are based on technical reports prepared prior to and during the Workshop in Cumaná, Venezuela and during previous meetings of the stock assessment experts of the WECAFC Ad Hoc Working Group on Shrimp and Groundfish Resources in the Brazil-Guianas Shelf. The document also contains ten Management Reports, prepared by fishery scientists for presentation at the “Meeting of Fisheries Managers and Ministers of the WECAFC Ad Hoc Working Group on Shrimp and Groundfish Resources in the Brazil-Guianas Shelf”, held in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, from 26-29 March 2001. These Management Reports are the culmination of stock assessment work carried out since the establishment of the WECAFC Ad Hoc Working Group on Shrimp and Groundfish Resources in the Brazil-Guianas Shelf in 1988, in particular in the four Workshops sponsored by CFRAMP and FAO and WECAFC and funded by CIDA, DANIDA (GCP/INT/575/DEN) and Norway (GCP/INT/648/NOR). Each report contains a number of recommendations for fisheries management, further research and international co-operation in data collection and assessments. Annex 2 contains a list of references on shrimp and groundfish species and environmental issues of the area, used in the various Workshops. This list was updated as far as published FAO documents are concerned.

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