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Through the Guiding Principles of Internal Forced Displacement, rights where recognized and also the specific rights of the forced internal displaced. Despite not being a binding source of law, this document has enjoyed wide acceptance by the international community. Likewise, it has served as a fundamental tool of empowerment for the victims of this phenomenon. The Principals based in this concept of sovereignty as well as responsibility, regulate general prevention situations, care and the national authority assistance to the victims, as well as the right to receive them. In the same way, also the right to not be displaced and to set conditions for returning or resettling.

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Saravia Caballero, Jackeline Cecilia


La Universidad Sergio Arboleda es una universidad privada colombiana. Su sede principal se ubica en la ciudad de Bogotá y cuenta con extensiones en Santa Marta, Barranquilla, Miami y Madrid. Ofrece programas en pregrado, especializaciones, maestrías y doctorado. Lleva su nombre en honor a Sergio Arboleda, intelectual, poeta y político conservador colombiano del siglo XIX.

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