Territories, Identities and Jurisdictions at Issue: The Regulation of Land Rights at Reservation Cañamomo-Lomaprieta | Land Portal

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January 2010
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In this paper, we discuss ties between territoriality, and the construction of an indigenous identity and their own land-related judicial institutions, based on the case study on the indigenous community settled on reservation Cañamomo-Lomaprieta, located in the localities of Riosucio and Supía, department of Caldas, Colombia. With that aim, first of all, we explore the impact agrarian policies applied during the 20th century in Colombia have had on reconfiguring the identities and the judicial regime of land ownership, to continue to illustrate how they have left a trail of varied titles legalizing land ownership, and give evidence of the presence of distinct social actors mobilizing indigenous and mestizo identities to contest the judicial capital monopoly in the reserve’s social space.

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Lopera-Mesa, Gloria Patricia
Universidad Eafit


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