Implications of agricultural bioenergy crop production and prices in changing the land use paradigm—The case of Romania | Land Portal

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January 2016
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The article starts from the premise that agricultural bioenergy crop production has massive influence in changing the land use paradigm in Romania, due the fact that important land surface areas are cultivated with such crops because of the increasing demand of biofuels. The main aim of the paper is to answer a research question: are there any changes in arable land use patterns determined by the increasing of the agricultural bioenergy crop production and what is the pressure on food consumption? The results show that the competition agricultural vs. energy crops has a considerable impact on land use pattern changes and food security.

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Jean Vasile, Andrei
Raluca Andreea, Ion
Popescu, Gheorghe H.
Elvira, Nica
Marian, Zaharia


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