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January 2017
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After an initial plenary session on developments in access to land and natural resources in the different continents, the workshop participants were given the opportunity to give their many personal accounts, describe the various forms of land grabbing and concentration, discuss the scope of the processes under way and question whether the tools available to quantify them were adequate. The first four contributions were on the dispossession of lands belonging to the indigenous Qom people of Argentina, the contradictions and problems in Madagascar’s land policies, the land-access situation in South Africa and developments in access to land in Romania. The often-cited Land Matrix Database was the topic of the fifth presentation, which highlighted both its value and its limitations1

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The goal of the WFAL 2016 had been to organise a world forum in 2016 to address the major issues linked to unequal access to land, natural resources (see The Call). Finally, the global assembly took place in Valencia, Spain (31st March, 1-2 April 2016) with more than  400 participants from 70 countries from today at the Global Forum on Access to Land and Natural Resources.