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Why Land and Property Rights Matter for Gender Equality

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July 2023
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Securing women’s rights, access to, and control over housing, land, and property (HLP) are important for livelihood generation, food security, a store of wealth, and other economic benefits. Ensuring women’s HLP rights also provides social benefits, such as improved bargaining power within the household and community. Data on women’s rights to HLP is limited, but available evidence from 53 countries shows that within those countries, over 70 percent of women do not own any land. Without action, women are at risk of being left farther behind. This policy note explores the barriers and impediments to women’s HLP rights. It shares emerging evidence on what works to support women in attaining the full range of HLP rights, including experience from World Bank and other donorfinanced projects and interventions that have shown promise.

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Victoria Stanley and Jennifer Lisher


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