Public-Private Partnership in Land Administration: A pathway for minimising corruption in land sector to individual land acquirers in Bujumbura | Land Portal

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The concept of Private-Public Partnership was used to provide infrastructure in developed countries for long time and the arrangement was applied by other countries due to its effectiveness and efficiency. This paper tried to explore how Private-Public Partnership is useful in minimising corruption cases in land administration for the case of Bujumbura City. A mixed research approach has been used to collect primary and secondary data. The findings are based on desk review and key informants’ information selected purposively. The study revealed that Private-Public Partnership is an arrangement that minimises corruption cases in land administration where information dissemination to all parties involved in the project is effective. The processes and procedures for land acquisition, land allocation are open to all. Land allocation is guided by market prices whereas titles are provided within one month by cooperatives. All corruption gaps that may be used by land officers and others are filled. 

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Prosper, Turimubumwe

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