Mokoro | Land Portal

We are an international development consultancy working to improve the wellbeing and opportunities of poor and vulnerable people, by supporting sustainable economic and social development.

For more than 30 years we have provided consultancy and research for clients globally. Our technical services include evaluations and reviews and research, training, programme design, policy analysis and advice, in the areas of aid effectiveness, public policy and management, and land, livelihoods and natural resources. Our experience cuts across sectors, issues and disciplines; we believe strongly in the value of cross-learning that is facilitated by this multi-disciplinary approach.

Our excellence comes from our people. In addition to our core group of Principal Consultants, we have close relationships with a network of international and nationally-based Associates. This enables us to bring deep understanding of the contexts in which we work, and sensitivity to the particular circumstances of stakeholders at national and sub-national levels.

Our shared focus on poverty reduction underpins our strong ethical stance: we choose research and consultancy assignments that we believe will make real contributions to positive change.

Mokoro is a not-for-profit organisation, a company limited by guarantee under UK law. We are governed and run by our members and staff. We foster a high level of self-management and autonomy, based on mutual respect and a shared commitment to Mokoro’s vision and mission. All members, staff and consultants are encouraged to contribute to Mokoro’s corporate development.