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NLRF is a national people’s organization uniting those who are deprived of their land rights – bonded laborers, tenants, the landless, farmers, haruwa, charuwa and trust land farmers – and inciting them to action. Since its establishment in 2004, NLRF has been working towards its vision of a society where all tenants and landless farmers live dignified lives. NLRF operates in 50 of Nepal’s 75 districts, comprising 42 district-level and 2,072 village-level people’s organizations. NLRF’s 98,133 members – 49,098 women and 25,531 Dalits (“untouchable” caste) – are led by 4,718 community leaders. Its main activities are organizing and educating land poor farmers, policy advocacy, mass mobilization to put pressure on government, mass conscientization, development of community leaders and practicing community-led land reform and sustainable farming.