Sustainability assessment of the Latxa breed dairy system in the Basque Country [Spain] using MESMIS methodology | Land Portal

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December 2009
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MESMIS methodology (Ridaura et al., 2002) has been tested to assess sustainability of two different commercial flocks within the breeding scheme of the Latxa sheep in the Basque Country. The evaluation is based on technical, economical, environmental and social indicators derived from a SWOT analysis of the system. The assessment has been made by the comparison of two commercial flocks managed under different environmental conditions by means of specific nutrition and reproduction practices. To do so, data were collected from the farms (surveys, milk recording, advisory programmes); indicators values were estimated and scored between certain minimum and maximum values according to data from the existing literature and experts' opinion. MESMIS methodology allowed identifying the features contributing to sustainability in relation to productivity, confiability, stability, resilience, adaptability, equity and self-sufficiency, as well as proposing guidelines for improvement.

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Díez, B., Instituto Vasco de Investigación y Desarrollo Agrario, Vitoria (España)
Beltrán de Heredia, I., Instituto Vasco de Investigación y Desarrollo Agrario, Vitoria (España)
Villalba, D., Universitat de Lleida (España). Escola Técnica Superior d'Enginyeria Agrària
Bernués, A., Centro de Investigación y Tecnología Agroalimentaria de Aragón, Zaragoza (España)
Ruiz, R., Instituto Vasco de Investigación y Desarrollo Agrario, Vitoria (España)


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