Functionally context socio-ecological type (fCSET) approach to support outscaling of agricultural innovation options | Land Portal

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November 2019
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This is a presentation on the functionally context socio-ecological type (fCSET) approach to support out-scaling of agricultural innovation options, and empirical analysis across three Maghreb countries (Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco). As the result, distinguished fCSETs on rain-fed and grass/herbaceous-based land were defined, characterized and mapped. The fCSET characterization and maps can be used as an extrapolation domain for guiding effective outscaling: given innovative agricultural practice outcomes in a number of project sites, one can identify where similar intervention options have a potential of success based on contextual similarity.

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Le, Quang Bao
Werner, Jutta
Dhehibi, Boubaker
Louhaichi, Mounir
Biradar, Chandrashekhar

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