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PhilDHRRA envisions a society that is characterized by participatory democracy, equality, national sovereignty, economic prosperity, cultural autonomy, gender equity, and environmental sustainability. Relevant and self-reliant NGOs will make a significant contribution to the attainment of this society.

These NGOs are those who:

  1. have clearly defined their vision, mission and goals;
  2. implement programs that respond to community needs;
  3. have the capacity to mobilize resources from a variety of sources;
  4. are able to continue and sustain their operations;
  5. are able to link their local activities to the nationa situation;
  6. continue to build peoples organizations and work towards broader and meaningful participation of the people in decision making.


PhilDHRRA is a national network of NGOS that seek to build the capacity of its members to become relevant and self-reliant in order to address agrarian reform and rural development in the countryside, and thereby contribute to national transformation. In undertaking this mission, PhilDHRRA is guided by the principles of soical justice, active non-violence, participation, social equity, gender equality, environmental sustainability, cultural sensitivity, national sovereignty and peace.

In support of the above mission, PhilDHRRA is committed to:

  1. develop and provide the services needed by its members including provision of technical assistance (such as project developement), facilitating linkages with relevant institutions, facilitating information exchange, documentation of community development model-building approaches, and access to financial resources;
  2. undertake advocacy and alliance work at the national and regional levels to articulate the issues of the communities being served by our members and to promote alternative development models, tools and technologies;
  3. maintain a strong network with a strugle that clearly defines the roles and relationships of the national and regional secretariats, where the secretariat is transparent and accountable to the members and where members recognize and fulfill their responsibilties to the network;
  4. ensure the financial sustainability of the network, e.g., through member service fees, business projecdts and non-traditional fund-raising schemes; and,
  5. provide an environment for achieving personnel excellence and growth for all our employees.