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May 2011
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In this beginning of century, Brazil has, on one hand, a high economic growth, strong institutions in various areas and improvement of social situation, but, on the other hand, the rural and urban land situation is still very precarious, with elementary issues that are not resolved and that most developed countries solved them still in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In the rural world, the high concentration of land ownership and the high idle land associated with the existence of numerous landless workers demanding land show that the Brazilian agrarian issue still needs to be addressed. On one hand, the constant conflicts over land, including deaths and injuries, the existence of possessions with the possibility of new possessions of land, the great possibilities of fraud in the process of land records, the complete lack of control over land purchases by foreigners, and the constant need to create new registrations to prevent deforestation in the Amazon are all symptoms showing that a facet of the agrarian issue is related to the legal uncertainty associated with land ownership.

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Bastiaan Philip Reydon

Com o objetivo de proporcionar o debate e a troca de experiência em relação às questões de terra no Brasil e no mundo, o Grupo de Governança de Terras do IE/Unicamp, promove pesquisas, estudos e assessorias no tema, bem como um evento anual sob o mesmo escopo. O Seminário Internacional de Governança de Terras e Desenvolvimento Econômico, em suas diferentes edições, têm proporcionado um espaço plural de discussão, reunindo os principais atores e instituições envolvidos com o tema, promovido importantes debates e discussões sobre tópicos relevantes no âmbito brasileiro e mundial.