An interview with Azubike Nwachukwu: Attending the Second Arab Land Conference | Land Portal

From February 22-24th 2021, the Second Arab Land Conference took place both virtually and in Cairo, Egypt. We took some time to speak with conference attendee Azubike Nwachukwu to hear more about his impressions of attending the Conference.  

Can you please tell us more about yourself and your work?

My name is Azubike Michael Nwachukwu. My work is related to mass media communication, agricultural and agribusiness, green environment and renewable energy, and gender with a specific focus on sexual gender based violence education (SGBV-E) and all other forms of violence against children, women and girls (VACWG).  My work is mostly humanitarian and I also work as a social entrepreneur.  

In 2018, I founded “Grow Cassava, Palmtree and Farm Produce for Cash”, which constitutes a circle of farmers, transporters, retailers and distributors working under a gender lens to empower young people, women and girls.  Furthermore, I am the Founder and President of “Cupid Peace Village Nigeria”, which is a network of the UNESCO Center for Peace in the United States of America.  I ampassionate about UN-SDGs 1, 2, 3, 5 & 8.


What were your expectations for participating in the 2ndArab Land Conference?

I am projecting our generation of children, youth and women to help Africa to regain its glory as food basket of the world.  Actually, my expectations for participating in the Second Arab Land Conference were extremely met because my hope was that the region would use the conference to research and find a lasting solution to women’s rights to land, gender equality on land governance, administration and management in compliance with a gender lens practice (GLP).  This was met because of the high amoutn of sessions pertaining to women's land rights and the focus on gender issues within the three day conference.  

I thank the host, sponsors, partners and organizers of the Second Arab Land Conference for putting up this wonderful event, for sustainable land governance, development and management.  I have learnt a lot from the Conference about land use, registration and fit-for-purpose administration.