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Housing, Land, and Property Area of Responsibility
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Alexandre Corriveau Bourque, Global Coordinator
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The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has been leading the Housing, Land and Property (HLP) Area of Responsibility (AoR) since 2016.  Globally, the membership of the HLP AoR includes UN agencies, NGOs, research and academic institutions, donors, human rights and development agencies, and representatives of other AoRs and global clusters.

In line with the Principles of Partnership, the HLP AoR operates as an open and inclusive forum with the view to benefit from the wide range of expertise within the HLP community of practice. If you are interested in learning more or contributing to the HLP AoR, please contact the Global HLP AoR Coordinator.

Overarching goal: to support a more systematic approach to addressing HLP issues on the ground; by promoting collaboration and complementarity of efforts amongst agencies undertaking HLP activities and by addressing gaps in policy and technical areas.



HLP working groups facilitate the coordination of specialist HLP interventions and ensure that HLP issues are effectively taken into account in other relevant sectors of humanitarian assistance.

Currently, there are country level HLP coordination groups in: Afghanistan, Cameroon, CAR, DRC, Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia, oPt, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine.  For more information about any of these, please contact the Global HLP AoR Coordinator.