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The Latvia University of Agriculture (LLU) Strategic Development Plan 2010-2016, was developed during 2009 and approved by the LLU Senate on June 10, 2009.

In order to perform its functions and implement its goals and objectives, the Latvia University of Agriculture has developed three activity programs:

1. Studies 

2. Science

3. Administrative and financial support for studies and research work

The goal of the Latvia University of Agriculture is to provide the possibility to obtain higher academic and higher professional education in agriculture, veterinary medicine, food technology, engineering, forestry science, social science, information technologies and environment management sectors as well as to develop science and to maintain and develop the Latvian intellectual potential and culture.

The objectives of the LLU:

To ensure the study quality corresponding with the standards of a national university what would allow to educate competitive specialists for the Latvian and international labor markets.

To develop the scientific potential to participate in international research, to integrate the academic education and research what would ensure introduction of innovative, knowledge - based technologies into the Latvian national economy, specially, in the Zemgale region.

To ensure sustainable development for the university as a national education, science and culture institution: 

to strengthen the legal basis;

to improve the organizational structure in accordance 

to the LLU objectives;to develop cooperation with institutions, academic education and science institutions in Latvia and abroad, enterprises and professional organizations and regional institutions of Zemgale;

to manage the LLU material and technical basis effectively.

The LLU mission

To develop the intellectual potential for sustainable future of Latvia and especially rural areas.

The LLU vision

To become a modern, internationally recognized and prestige university, taking part in the common European academic education and science space.