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Bangladesh is characterized by very high population growth and scarcity of land. Land availability as well as its sustainable management has important bearings on overall development in general, food security, business development and human habitation in particular. The rapid increase of population is continuously reducing the land-man ratio of the country. The rate of land transfer and land conversion is also very high in Bangladesh. Rapid population growth combined with fast rate of land transformation urges for an effective land administration and management system. To establish a sustainable land administration and management system the current government, included it as an important agenda in the Seventh Five Year Plan document.

The current administrative structure of land management in Bangladesh is built around three core functions: (i) record keeping, (ii) registration, and (iii) settlement. The core functions of land administration are maintained by various departments of two Ministries, The Ministry of Land (MoL) and the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs (MLJP). While the MoL discharges most of the land-related activities including survey, collection of land development tax, arbitration process, the MLJP mainly records land mutation and transfers.