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Dag Einar

Dag Einar Sommervoll is a Professor in Urban Economics at the School of Economics and Business, Norwegian University of Life Sciences. His main research interests are housing economics, intertemporal choice and experimental economics. Dag Einar Sommervoll’s PhD is in mathematics from the University of Oslo in 1997 and has been a professor in economics since 2013. He has been a post-doc at UFPE, Brazil in 1997-1999, visiting scholar at Stanford University, the USA in 2003-2004, and at RMIT, Melbourne, Australia 2008-2009.

Expertise/Research area:
Housing markets, housing market dynamics, spatial econometrics, machine learning, agent-based modelling, intertemporal choice, experimental economics.

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Professor in Urban Economics

The Centre for Land Tenure Studies was opened at the Nowegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) on the 27th of June 2011 resulting from a joint initiative by researchers at the Department of International Environment and Development (Noragric), the School of Economics and Business, and the Department of Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning. In 2012 was joined by the Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management.

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