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Stein Holden is a Professor in Development and Resource Economics at the Department of Economics and Resource Management, Norwegian University of Life Sciences. His main research interests are natural resource management and rural development, land tenure, the implications of imperfect markets for behaviour, welfare and development policy.

Stein Holdens´s has his PhD from Norwegian University of Life Sciences (with the name Agricultural University of Norway at that time) in 1991 and has been professor since 2002.
He worked as an agroforestry researcher in Zambia in 1985-88 and did his PhD-dissertation on the economics of farming system evolution and potential of agroforestry in Zambia.

In 1991-92 he worked on a rainforest resource management project in Sumatra, Indonesia. Since then he has worked in the department he is currently based. In the department he has established a Master program in Development and Resource Economics from 1998 as well as a PhD-program in the same area. His research has focused on economics of natural resource management, poverty-environment linkages, bio-economic modelling, land tenure and administration, and food security and safety nets. Stein Holdens´s current research is focused on land tenure, land markets and poverty, impacts of land reforms, poverty dynamics

Expertise/Research area:

Land markets and policies, land tenure and reform, land degradation and conservation, gender studies, food security and safety nets, farming system and sustainable land management, program evaluation and impact assessment methods, land productivity, preferences and experiments, farm household economics, and bio-economic modelling.



The Centre for Land Tenure Studies was opened at the Nowegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) on the 27th of June 2011 resulting from a joint initiative by researchers at the Department of International Environment and Development (Noragric), the School of Economics and Business, and the Department of Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning. In 2012 was joined by the Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management.

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