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How can I contribute to the Land Library?

If you would like to contribute land-related resources to the Land Library, you are very welcome to do so. This is completely free of charge!

Watch a tutorial on how to add resources to the Land Library here:



Want to integrate a big database?

Do you have a great amount of resources to add to the Land Library? Then we might consider building an automatic importer (a technical module) that automatically pulls in metadata from your website onto the Land Library.

This process requires some technical implementation on your website. Unsure what this means? Click here for more information. If you are interested to link your database to the Library through an importer, please fill the Land Library resource provider form.

What are the benefits of contributing to the Land Library?

  • Join an active community working to address land issues at the global and local level
  • Expand the dissemination of your work by attracting new visitors from the Land Portal to your site
  • Enable the reuse of your content through the Land Portal's Linked Open Data (LOD) interface 

How do I know if my information is relevant for the Land Library?

The Land Library is a virtual repository with a great variety of document types all relating to land governance and property rights. If you are unsure whether your information is relevant for the Land Library, please check the following checklist:

  • Your resource is related to land and land governance issues. Click here to see whether your resources fits within these LandVoc Themes and/or Concepts.
  • Your resource is a publication, policy document, multimedia item or any of the resource types mentioned here.
  • Your resource is openly available without any payment barriers or log in restrictions. The Land Portal advocates for a strict Open Data policy
  • Your resource has not already been uploaded to the Land Library. Search for the resource title here to double check.
  • That's all!

How will my information be used?

The Land Library publishes the metadata of resources. The metadata of each resource may be enriched to comply with Open Data standards during the import process.

All the metadata records published on the Land Portal are available under a Creative Commons 4.0 license* and available as Linked Open Data.

*Are your resources published on the Land Portal while your metadata should not published under a CC 4.0 license? Please contact the team with the links to the resources, and we will adjust this immediately.


Do you have more questions? Contact us!

Please email the Land Library team here to inquire how to proceed.


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