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Namati is an international organization that tests the potential of legal empowerment through innovative interventions and research. Through our work, we seek a better understanding of the impacts of legal empowerment and the most effective mechanisms for achieving them. 

As a means of cultivating a more robust movement for legal empowerment, Namati also hosts a growing Global Legal Empowerment Network of practitioners and supporters. Network members are active in every continent in the world, whereas Namati’s programs and research focus on exploring the potential of legal empowerment in specific countries, including Sierra Leone, India, Liberia, Mozambique, and Uganda.

Mission: Building a movement of grassroots legal advocates

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Reports & Research
October, 2023

This case study presents the unique example of pastoralist communities in Kenya who had traditionally been able to rely on their customary land governance systems to ensure their access to grazing land and to help them sustain their livelihoods in the face of drought. However, land laws that were passed by the colonial and post-colonial administrations in Kenya progressively replaced customary structures and practices with artificial formal/legal structures that bore no connection to the communities’ customs.

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Peer-reviewed publication
April, 2022
Africa, Eastern Africa

Le projet ALIGN (Advancing Land-based Investment Governance) appuie les gouvernements, la société civile, les communautés locales et d’autres parties prenantes pour renforcer la gouvernance et les pratiques en matière d’investissements fonciers - de l’agriculture aux infrastructures, en passant par les industries minières et manufacturières, la séquestration du carbone et les énergies renouvelables. Ce fascicule présente les objectifs, les activités et les partenaires du projet.

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September, 2021

Companies in the business of selling farmland to billionaires and pension funds are peddling it as a green;sustainable and socially responsible investment. This propaganda is working. The digital land records and massive quantities of data that big tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon are vacuuming up from farmersfields make it easier for the companies to scour the planet for profitable farmland deals. They can also use satellite technologies and drones to monitor their farms from a distance. But the world’s farmland is finite.

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December, 2020

The Community Land Protection page on the Namati website proposes a number of short videos that will be especially useful for civil society, grassroots organisations and other groups who engage in work at the community level. 

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Training Resources & Tools
April, 2020

Namati has created a list of COVID-19 resources that address topics relevant to grassroots justice groups (available as a Google Doc 52 or PDF 74). Inside, you’ll find reflections and advice on:

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