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January 2012

Many case studies have been gathered during the Jan Samwad Yatra, a one-year journey through India led by a team of Ekta Parishad from October 2011 to September 2012. This yatra was achieved to understand the situation of marginalized communities of the country and to mobilize them for Jansatyagraha, a large foot march which took place in October 2012. This document presents 20 of these cases, as an introduction to the variety of land issues and struggles from all around India.

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Ekta Parishad is a non-violent Gandhi-inspired social movement in India working on land and forest rights at a national level. It has been built up over the last twenty years growing from the local, to the state, to the national and increasingly, to the international level. The purpose of mobilizing an increasingly growing, very large group of poor people into a loosely structured, major grassroots movement, has been to put pressure directly on central and state government bodies in order to press for legal reforms and structural change.

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