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Libreville beach,Gabon

Located in Central Africa, Gabon has some rather unique characteristics in terms of land tenure. It is indeed one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, one of the most urbanized and one of the richest in forests. Gabon's economy is mainly based on the exploitation of natural resources, notably oil, mining and timber. These activities occupy the vast majority of the territory. In 2022, Gabon was the most prosperous country in Africa with a high human development index.

Gayndah Queensland. A panorama near the town from the local lookout.

The Republic of Paraguay is a country of water and land. Water defines both its name - the "river of the payaguas" - and its geography - 70% of its borders with Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia are rivers. Land, as a mainly agricultural country, is its main capital. With a total area of 406,752 km², the country is divided into two physiographic regions: the Western or Chaco, which represents 60% of the area and where only 2% of the population lives. And the Eastern region, where most of the economic activity, agriculture, livestock and forestry extraction takes place. The first is a plain and the second is composed of sierras and mountain ranges.

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