Spatial Transformation of a New City in 2006–2020: Perspectives on the Spatial Dynamics, Environmental Quality Degradation, and Socio—Economic Sustainability of Local Communities in Makassar City, Indonesia | Land Portal

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September 2020
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The accelerated development of new urban areas has an impact on changes in the spatial use and complexity of ecosystems. The purpose of this study is to analyze (1) spatial transformation works as a determinant of changes in the social formation of local communities in the new city area of Metro Tanjung Bunga; (2) process of social interaction and social adaptation between immigrants and local communities in new social formations in the new city area of Metro Tanjung Bunga; and (3) the effect of spatial use, changes in social formation, and work differentiation on the socio-economic sustainability of local communities. The research method used involves a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches. Data were obtained by observation, in-depth interviews, surveys, and documentation. The results of the study show that spatial transformation has an impact on changing the single social formations of local communities into multiple social formations and transforming differences in modes of production between migrants and local communities into changes in the order of life of local communities. These changing interactions and social adaptations cause changes in the social structures and cultural patterns of local communities. Furthermore, changes in spatial use, social formation, and job differentiation have a significant effect on the socio-economic sustainability of local communities, with a coefficient of determination of 97.7%. This study recommends considering environmental, economic, and sociocultural factors followed by government decision-making for the future development of the new city area of Metro Tanjung Bunga, Makassar City.

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Surya, Batara
Hadijah, Hadijah
Suriani, Seri
Baharuddin, Baharuddin
Fitriyah, A. T.
Menne, Firman
Rasyidi, Emil S.


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