Large Scale Agricultural Investments and Its Impact on Gender Relations and Wellbeing of Small Holder Farmers: Evidence from Kilombero Valley in Tanzania | Land Portal

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November 2020
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This paper explores the impact of large-scale agricultural investment on household livelihood outcomes among smallholder farmers in Kilombero Valley, Tanzania. The study used qualitative and quantitative data from a sample of 376 households. Quantitative data analysis employed independent samples t-test and multiple linear regressions. There were associations in livelihood outcomes and household headship (p < 0.05). The age of household head, years of schooling, household size, land size, group membership, household participation in the out-grower scheme, and livelihood strategies had influence on household livelihood outcomes (p < 0.05). Household livelihood outcomes depend on household socio-economic characteristics and household participation in LSAI. The study recommends Local Government Authorities, non-governmental organization to help farmers to diversify livelihood strategies, group strengthening, promoting gender dialogues in the community to transform gender norms that discriminate against women and female headed households, increase representation of out-growers in every decision making process that affects their livelihood outcomes.

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Jeckoniah, John Nshimba
Akyoo, Elimeleck P.
Kabote, Samwel

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