From food security to food wellbeing : examining food security through the lens of food wellbeing in Nepal’s rapidly changing agrarian landscape | Land Portal

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October 2016
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Over 94 % of Nepalese migrant workers are male youth who leave their female counterparts behind to manage agriculture alongside their traditional domestic chores. Changing agrarian and labour landscapes shape food security, livelihood choices and the wellbeing of those who continue to engage in local small-scale agriculture. The study aims to understand the interactions between household livelihoods, food security and the wellbeing of left-behind women and lower-caste farmers. It includes a literature review, and draws results from 69 in-depth interviews with women farmers. Current socioeconomic arrangements are not conducive to the long-term sustainability of small-scale agriculture.

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Gartaula, Hom
Patel, Kirit
Johnson, Derek
Devkota, Rachana
Khadka, Kamal
Chaudhary, Pashupati


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