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The Muungano alliance represents the combined force of 3 organisations

1. Social movement: Muungano wa Wanavijiji, the Kenyan federation of slum dwellers

2. Fund: Akiba Mashinani Trust, the Kenyan urban poor fund

3. Support NGO: SDI Kenya, an NGO providing professional and technical support to the federation

Together, we work for slums to be improved and integrated into the city fabric. We work to influence changes in practice and policy – especially national policy for urban development. We negotiate, design, and deliver real improvements to people's lives. And we work with partners in academia, government, and civil society. We know that our unity is our strength.

We believe that slum communities should be at the centre of city and national development. Slums and slum residents are not an anomaly or problem, they are a vital part of the city and how it functions. Muungano volunteer to improve their settlements – challenging the idea that slum residents are only passive beneficiaries of city plans and development projects. Instead, Muungano offer to invest their own resources and help guide city investments, so that the social fabric of their communities is not lost in the changes made necessary by urban development.

The alliance has a central office in Nairobi and is affiliated with SDI, the biggest grassroots movement in the world.

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December, 2015

The ‘Price Penalty’ exists where a poor person pays an above-average price per unit of the facility, product, or service. The ‘Quality Penalty’ refers to the provision of a facility, product, or service of low quality, which is still offered at a price similar to that of higher-quality.

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