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Associates for Development
Associates for Development
Private sector


5/3 Lalmatia
2nd Floor, Block -A

A consulting company operating from Dhaka, Bangladesh, is capable of pooling together expertise of in-house and associated resource persons from developed and developing countries to address development issues facing the  developing countries ADSL’s resource persons are drawn from academic and research institutes and from public and private sector entities.

ADSL’s approach to consulting for change strongly emphasizes on research needs and advocates recognition of research-policy linkages to achieve sustainable socio-economic changes.

ADSL is currently concentrating on selected development projects in Bangladesh and in the South Asian countries. In recent years, ADSL has worked in projects in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. ADSL is registered with the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank as a consulting firm (CMS number 002514). Apart from projects financed by the World Bank and ADB, ADSL provides consulting services to projects supported by IFC, DFID, EC, NORAD, JICA, and UN organizations.