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The Cahiers d’Études africaines, founded in 1960, have ever since favored the publication of previously unpublished articles, original investigations along with confirmed or emerging theoretical contributions.  While encouraging interdisciplinary perspectives, the journal concentrates on anthropological and historical research on Africa and societies linked to Africa throughout the world. The publication of articles in French and English contributes to the international recognition of the journal.
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December, 1985

The dynamics of land occupation in Conakry is approached from the angle of both the colonial authorities and the local dwellers. The former took upon themselves the power of allocating plots and strove to enforce a colonial urban pattern. The latter succeeded in partly appropriating the town in spite of the minutiae of the law. As the urban area extended, Conakry was divided into three zones according to an ordinance of 1905. Although the third zone was officially termed 'native', there were no ethnic or national criteria.

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