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Community Organizations CAMAGRA Investment Group Ltd
CAMAGRA Investment Group Ltd
CAMAGRA Investment Group Ltd
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#9, street 388 Tuol Svay Prey 1, Chamkarmon Phnom Penh

Camagra Investment Group Ltd and its sister company, Camtree Corporation have initiated a large scale operation of Eucalyptus and Acacia plantations in Cambodia. The reforestation activity started in 2003 and now stands as the largest Acacia and Eucalyptus commercial plantation in Cambodia. The target market of the plantations is directed for the pulp industry in Japan and China and towards the rapidly expanding alternative energy sector.

Cambodia, as the target site, inhabits most of the principle elements for a very lucrative project in the agricultural sector. Tropical climate, competitive labor costs, low land costs and excellent proximity to two of the major global markets (Japan and China) from the supply point of view support great advantages in relation to the location of Cambodia. The strong demand of raw material to both the paper and energy sectors also places our Agricultural Businesses to great advantage in terms of export of product.

Camagra and Camtree have already acquired and grow plantations on about 7000 hectares and the companies' shareholders intend to expand its operations by an additional 20,000 ha in the next few years. The companies' shareholders also intend to set up, in the following months, a chipping mill near the Sihanoukville International Port that will serve its own plantations as well as the local farmers’ plantation crops.

CamAgra and Camtree act as successful enterprises on many levels. From an ecological and social stand point they are directly involved in building and putting into action systems for an environmentally sustainable and socially conscious business. They are a part of the creation and implementation of positive and sustainable changes in the world today. CamAgra and Camtree plantations are situated on lands that were long ago deforested and stripped of any productive value. At the same time, our plantations will be actively binding carbon from the atmosphere thus helping to reduce global warming.

As socially compassionate businesses, CamAgra and Camtree benefit people in many ways. People living at the lower income margins in rural areas that have traditionally had very few employment opportunities accomplish most of the work done on the plantations. By creating new income sources in these areas, Camagra and Camtree will be helping to improve the lives of working families. The companies employ about 350 permanent workers and provide them houses on site, two schools for their children on a daily basis including transportation back and forth to the schools, medicine, food and attention to all their other needs. The contribution to the society is in the companies' high priority and we are doing our best to fulfill this policy.



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