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The National Institute of Statistics (NIS), which is part of the Ministry of Planning, is the focal point on statistical matters in Cambodia. The NIS compiles and consolidates statistics provided by decentralized offices and also collects primary data through household and establishment surveys and population, agricultural and economic censuses. Many development partners financially and technically assisted NIS since 1993.

Cambodia has a decentralized statistical structure. There are statistical bureaus and sections within planning and statistics departments of the various Ministries and in the planning and statistical units in the provinces and districts.

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December, 2010

Cambodia has a land area of 181 035 square kilometers and a population of almost 14 million people (2008). In 2008, about 82 percent of the households lived in rural areas. A large majority of these households engage in rice- based agriculture, collection of forest products and livestock production. The agricultural sector generates about 32 percent of the Gross Domestic Product and provides employment to about 80 percent of the country’s labour force. The sector is dominated by small farm households who are mainly engaged in subsistence production.

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