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Community Organizations Darpan Samaj Unnayan Kendra
Darpan Samaj Unnayan Kendra
Darpan Samaj Unnayan Kendra
Civil Society Organization

Focal point

Md. Mahbub Morshed
Phone number


Postal address
Baitul Aman”, House No. 100, (4th Floor),Bagichagoan, Comilla
Working languages
Affiliated Organization

Uttaran, which means ‘transition’, in Bangla language

The increasing woes of millions of the disadvantaged groups of people drew attention of a group of young man and women in the year 2000 in Comilla district and they got together and decided to form an organization in order to meliorate their conditions. Consequently Darpan Samaj Unnayan Kendra was established in the same year on 14th April. Darpan is a non-governmental, non-profitable and non-political voluntary social development Organization. It was awarded highest award in this district in recognition of its contribution to youth welfare activities in 2004 from Directorate of Youth Development, Comilla.


Vision : Darpan’s vision is to establish a poverty free society where in everybody will be ensured of Food, shelter and theirbasic needs and rights. Mission : Darpan was born with the mission of overall development of the poor and disadvantaged population directed mainly towards poverty alleviation.