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Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development - European Commission
Rue de la Loi 130/Wetstraat 130
1049 Brussels

DG AGRI develops and carries out the Commission's policies on:

Agriculture and rural development

Of the Commission's 10 political priorities, DG AGRI contributes to:

  • Jobs, growth and investment
  • Digital single market
  • Energy union and climate
  • EU-US free trade
  • Internal market

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March, 2021

Nature-based Solutions (NbS) work with nature to benefit both natural ecosystems and the people that depend on them. By putting nature at the centre, NbS address a range of societal challenges: protecting, sustainably managing or restoring natural or modified ecosystems and supporting their health, function and biodiversity.

The research collated in this brief confirms that NbS deliver simultaneously multiple benefits and shows the wide-ranging beneficial impacts of scaling up their implementation across Europe.

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December, 2020

Life on Earth depends on healthy soils. The soil under our feet is a living system – home to many fascinating plants and animals, whose invisible interactions ensure our well-being and that of the planet. Soils provide us with nutritious food and other products as well as with clean water and flourishing habitats for biodiversity. At the same time, soils can help slow the onset of climate change and make us more resilient to extreme climate events such as droughts and floods. Soils preserve our cultural heritage and are a key part of the landscapes that we all cherish.

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December, 2018

Soil ecosystem services, as all ecosystem services (ESS), are fundamental for meeting societal needs such as food and energy provision and for overcoming societal challenges like climate change mitigation and adaptation. The MAES (Mapping and Assessment on Ecosystems and their Services) Soil Pilot aims to increase awareness on the importance of soil functions and related ecosystem services and to show their value. The pilot shows the need for protection, management and restoration of soil ecosystems and the need to make a more sustainable and efficient use of it.

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December, 2018

Soil provides us with essential services. We grow our food in it, it filters rainwater before it reaches aquifers, it supports our buildings, it hosts diverse life forms. Europeans need multi-functional and healthy soils locally and globally to maintain this natural capital while satisfying the needs of a prosperous society. Soil must be safeguarded by urban and rural spatial planning and sustaining soil and land management based on applying the best available knowledge.

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Programa EUROCLIMA Cambio Climático, Componente Socioeconómico (CEC/14/001)

Reports & Research
March, 2018

En los últimos años, la frontera agrícola en el Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia se ha expandido considerablemente. Debido al cambio climático, se espera una reducción del rendimiento de los cultivos, lo que producirá una nueva expansión en dicha frontera. Por este motivo, es necesario desarrollar una agricultura más eficiente, que incluya medidas de adaptación vinculadas a políticas macroeconómicas de protección de los recursos naturales.

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