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Officially established in 2016, we are an open-access publisher, registered and based in the UK, with a branch office in Malaysia. Our publications adhere strictly to international publishing norms and ethical guidelines, to ensure and assure only original and quality works are published.
Our focus is on helping particularly Asian scholars in both the Asian and non-Asian countries to disseminate their original social sciences research works (including on behavioural science, environmental psychology, and Quality of Life) globally, through publishing quality open-access academic journals and conference proceedings, and indexing them in global databases.
All our journals ISSN are obtained from the British Library, UK.



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Land Registration of Titles at Stake

Conference Papers & Reports
October, 2017

Registration of land title evidences an indefeasible ownership. However, many people have become victims of fraud. Due to the increase in fraud and the weaknesses of the registration system in the country, this study aims to provide solution to the problem. The paper highlights the controversy surrounding indefeasibility and the concept of federalism in the land administration systems in Malaysia. The electronic land systems and fraud prevention measures in the country are also analysed. While other jurisdictions have title assurance fund, it is not available in Malaysia.