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The Federal Government of Brazil is the national government of the Federative Republic of Brazil, a republic in South America divided in 26 states and a federal district. The Brazilian federal government is divided in three branches: the executive, which is headed by the President and the cabinet; the legislative, whose powers are vested by the Constitution in the National Congress; and the judiciary, whose powers are vested in the Supreme Federal Court and lower federal courts. The seat of the federal government is located in Brasília.


Source: Wikipedia (consulted d.d. February 20th, 2020).

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Écoles durables Orientations conceptuelles et méthodologiques

Orientations conceptuelles et méthodologiques

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January, 2024
Americas, Brazil

Cette publication présente le travail d'une feuille de route développée pour les gouvernements et les communautés intéressés par la mise en œuvre de la méthodologie des écoles durables, développée par le gouvernement du Brésil, par le biais de l'Agence brésilienne de coopération, du Fonds national de développement de l'éducation et de la FAO.

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The general objective of the programme is to ameliorate the governance of tenure in the Amazonia. Specifically, the project aims to accelerate the process of allocation and registration of public lands in the targeted areas, in the framework of the initiative "Terra Legal". It targets more than 8000 families occupying public land who will be supported for the regularization of their parcels.

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