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Manuals & Guidelines
February 2017

The Constitution of Kenya 2010 apportions responsibility of planning to both National and County governments. The County Government Act, 2012 obligates county governments to prepare and implement County Integrated Development Plans (CIDP). The CIDPs are, according to the act, five year plans that will form the basis of annual budgetary allocation by the county governments.

Legislation & Policies
September 2016

From preamble: 

"An Act of Parliament to give effect to Article 63 (5) of the Constitution; to provide for the recognition, protection and registration of community land rights; management and administration of community land; to provide for the role of county governments in relation to unregistered community land and for connected purposes "

Reports & Research
March 2016

A summary of the findings of a study of land degradation assessment (LADA) with remote sensing (RS) and geographic information systems (GIS), and its implications for sustainable land management (SLM) in Kenya is presented. The assessment was conducted over a 6-month period in July-December 2015. The need for the LADA is in line with the Kenya Government’s strong interest in moving towards a country programmatic approach, for sustainable land management (SLM).

Legislation & Policies
December 2015

A Bill for AN ACT of Parliament to consolidate the laws relating to energy, to provide for National and County Government functions in relation to energy,to provide for the establishment, powers and functions of the energy sector entities; promotion of renewable energy; exploration, recovery and commercial utilization of geothermal energy; regulation of midstream and downstream petroleum and coal activities; regulation, production, supply and use of electricity and other energy forms; and for connected purposes.

Journal Articles & Books
September 2014

The first set of the land laws were enacted in 2012 in line with the timelines outlined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010. In keeping with the spirit of the constitution, the Land Act, Land Registration Act and the national Land Commission Act respond to the requirements of Articles 60, 61, 62, 67 & 68 of the Constitution. The National Land Policy, which was passed as Sessional Paper No. 3 of 2009, arrived earlier than the Constitution, with some radical proposals on the land Management.

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