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Government of Montserrat
Government of Montserrat
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English and Irish colonists from St. Kitts first settled on Montserrat in 1632; the first African slaves arrived three decades later. The British and French fought for possession of the island for most of the 18th century, but it finally was confirmed as a British possession in 1783. The island's sugar plantation economy was converted to small farm landholdings in the mid-19th century. Much of this island was devastated and two-thirds of the population fled abroad because of the eruption of the Soufriere Hills Volcano that began on 18 July 1995. Montserrat has endured volcanic activity since, with the last eruption occurring in July 2003.

Montserrat is a parliamentary democracy and a self-governing overseas territory of the UK.

Source: CIA World Factbook



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Property Tax (Amendment) Act, 2017 (No. 10 of 2017).

July, 2017

This Act amends the Property Tax Act by, among other things, inserting a definition of “non-Montserratian” and renewing provisions on appeal for property tax relief to the Commissioner (also defined by this Act). A new section (21A) on the reduction or remittance of tax and a new Part (9) is inserted. Part 9 concerns regulation-making powers of the Governor. Minor amendments are made to various other sections.

Amends: Property Tax Act (Cap. 17.16). (2013-01-01)

Landholding Control Act, 2015 (No. 2 of 2015).

March, 2015

This Act concerns control of holding of interests in land in Montserrat by foreigners, i.e. persons other than a person belonging to Montserrat (as defined in section 2(2)(b) of the Immigration Act). Subject to the provisions of this Act, neither land in Montserrat nor a mortgage on land in Montserrat shall, be held by a person not belonging to Montserrat, and any land or mortgage so held shall be forfeited to Her Majesty.

Crown Title Act (Cap. 8.11).

December, 2005

This Act vests any interest in land remaining unclaimed since the coming into force of the Land Adjudication Act, and which by the provisions of section 17(1) of that Act were deemed to be Crown Land, shall, if not claimed by 31 December, 2020, in the Crown. Any person who claims any right or any interest in land which has not already been claimed by that person under the Land Adjudication Act, shall, if he or she does not claim his or her right or interest in that land within one year from the coming into force of this Act, forfeit such right and the land shall vest in the Crown.