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Private sector


iDE is a global effort that spans offices in 14 countries, encompassing 4 social enterprises, employing nearly 1,000 people directly, and indirectly enabling many more through our market-based approaches in agriculture; water, sanitation, and health; and finance. 

Our beliefs are best summarized in a series of simple statements that guide our daily actions.

Poor women and men have the right to a secure livelihood. ¶ Markets are the most powerful force for significant, widespread and lasting impact on rural prosperity. ¶ The rural poor are customers, producers, and entrepreneurs. ¶ We listen to and learn from the people we work with. ¶ We value innovation and entrepreneurship. ¶ We are results-oriented, aiming for significant impacts for large numbers of people. ¶We strive for economic, social, and environmental equity and sustainability.