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Founded in 1934 by Sir C V Raman the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore was registered as a Society on 27 April 1934 with the main objective of promoting the progress and upholding the cause of science. The Academy began functioning with 65 Founding Fellows and the formal inauguration took place at the Indian Institute of Science.

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May, 2016
India, Southern Asia

Soil organic carbon (SOC) and rainfall are generally
positively related, whereas a negative relationship
between soil inorganic carbon (SIC) and rainfall with
some exception is observed. Land use pattern in black
soil region (BSR) of the semi-arid tropical (SAT)
India, consists of 80% under agriculture, followed by
forest, horticulture, wasteland and permanent fallow.
For sustainable agriculture on these soils, there is a
concern about their low OC status, which warrants
fresh initiatives to enhance their OC status by suitable

Library Resource
Journal Articles & Books
November, 2014
India, Southern Asia

The articles presented in this special section emanated from the researches of consortium members of the National Agricultural
Innovative Project (NAIP, Component 4) of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi. These researches have
helped develop a soil information system (SIS). In view of the changing scenario all over the world, the need of the hour is to get
assistance from a host of researchers specialized in soils, crops, geology, geography and information technology to make proper use of

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