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We are a community development organisation. Our work captures the best aspects of communications technology and participatory techniques; supporting communities to explore their issues and devise solutions to the challenges they face.

As leading practitioners in the field of Participatory Video, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering transformational projects with some of the world’s most marginalised communities.  We have directly facilitated hundreds of projects in over sixty countries, working with diverse peoples to address a wide variety of issues.

Founded in 1999, our organisation is committed to improving and shaping the use of Participatory Video in all its forms, and building a grassroots movement of practice to sustain its role as a powerful community engagement tool.  We have trained hundreds of facilitators, founded numerous community video ‘hubs’ and produced free resources on a range of approaches.

Our vision is a world where healthy and resilient communities draw upon local knowledge, experience, skills, generational wisdom and intuition to exert influence over  the critical issues they face.

Our Mission is to increase the agency, capacity, confidence and motivation of communities to seize control of the factors influencing and controlling their lives. While every community we engage is unique and every set of circumstances we face is different, there are core principles that guide our approach.

InsightShare is based in the UK but our team is spread far and wide, with people in every continent around the world.  Much of our work takes place in Africa, Asia and Latin America, however we continue to deliver projects and training courses in our ‘backyards’; maintaining strong connections with our own communities.

We highly value free, prior and informed consent. We are experts in the use of video-based consent during our projects and have a transparent privacy policy to clarify the rights of anyone we engage with.

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December, 2016
Western Africa, Ghana

Pakorpa Susangho’ (Widow’s Cry) is an exploration of how corruption impacts on widows in the Upper East region of Ghana. This participatory video was devised and shot by ten widows from Kulbia, on the outskirts of Bolgatanga, using cutting-edge production techniques and equipment (including iPads as powerful video cameras). The filmmakers, whose ages range from 29 to 60, lack any formal education yet learned to operate the equipment with confidence and skill during a series of participatory video workshops packed with fun games and exercises.

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