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The aim of the International Journa l of Engineering &Technology (IJET) (ISSN 2227-524X) is to provide fast publication of refereed, high quality original research papers in all areas of engineering and technology. The journal covers following disciplines:

  • Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering
  • Information Engineering and Technology
  • Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Automation and Mechatronics Engineering
  • Material and Chemical Engineering
  • Civil and Architecture Engineering
  • Biotechnology and Bio Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Petroleum and Mining Engineering
  • Marine and Agriculture engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering

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Efficient and Effective Land Reservation Implementation for Good-Governance in LAS

A Case for Brunei Darussalam

Peer-reviewed publication
May, 2018
Brunei Darussalam

The debate over governance is something that will not pass overtime or become outdated. Governance in its essence is significant to ensure proper and sustainable development. Efficiency and effectiveness in management on the other part is vital in ensuring good-governance continuity especially to those dependent on governance institutions. Land on the other hand is an important finite resource for development of a country that requires exclusive management and control.

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