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The Lawyers' Environmental Action Team (LEAT) was established to ensure Tanzania's environment and natural resources are sustainably managed.

Their mission is to enhance the capacity and participation of the people in sub-Saharan Africa to sustainably manage their natural resources and environment through legal, policy and other strategic interventions.

LEAT’s major activities are conducting legal and social-policy research, advocacy work, public interest litigation and giving legal advice.

The issues they work on include: environment law, sustainable environmental management, human rights, sustainable natural resources utilization, management and conservation, governance of natural resources and mining issues.

Lawyers’ Environmental Action Team Resources

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Legislation & Policies
June, 2012

A comprehensive legal analysis highlighting  gaps and recommendations in the four selected land related legislations in Tanzania. 

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Gathering facts in response to the killings of 5 people done by Tanzania Peoples Defense Forces in Malinyi Ulanga

Reports & Research
March, 2012

This is a report on TALA-Media joint mission in response to recently reported killings of 5 agro pastoralists and farmers in Maguba area Malinyi Division in Ulanga District. These people were allegedly reported to be killed by gun shots by the Tanzania Peoples Defense Forces on Saturday 17th March, 2012. 

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